Doce™ Mango Syrup is made from mango grown in West Sumatra. It has a fresh, floral and mature flavour. Doce Mango Syrup™ is ideal for drinks and desserts, including popular menus such as Mango Ice Tea, Sparkling Mango, and alcoholic beverages.


Doce™ Pandan syrup is made from pandan leaves cultivated in western Java. Pandan leaves are known as Asian vanilla, which has cool green and white floral notes. Doce™ Pandan Syrup is suitable for a range of restaurant and bar menus including coffee, latte, tea and alcoholic beverages.


Doce™ Jackfruit Syrup is made from jackfruit harvested in western Java. It offers a tropical experience through a fruitiness similar to honey and a floral aroma. Doce™ Jackfruit Syrup is suitable for Asian-inspired beverages and desserts.


Doce™ Cucumber Syrup is made from cucumber grown in West Java. The notes are fresh and green. Doce™ Cucumber syrup works well with cocktails. It works with citrus drinks as well.


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