Scale up HORECA business with a series of natural syrups offering honest taste and aroma to enhance taste value in desserts, beverages, and alcoholic beverages.

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Doce™ Mango Syrup captures sweet, juicy, and slightly sour West Sumatra Mango. Unique processing technology enables it to deliver fresh, floral and ripe aromas. Doce™ Mango Syrup fits beverages and deserts including popular menus such as Mango Ice Tea, Sparkling Mango, and alcoholic beverages.


Doce™ Pandan Syrup presents vivid Asian Vanilla grows in West Java. It has a sweet vanilla taste and aroma with fresh green and white floral notes. Doce™ Pandan Syrup is suitable for various restaurant and bar menus such as coffee, latte, tea, and alcoholic beverages.


Doce™ Jackfruit Syrup offers honey-like sweet, fruit, and floral taste and aroma for various menus. Mix Doce™ Jackfruit Syrup with coconut milk to create Asian-inspired beverages and desserts.


Doce™ Cucumber Syrup presents fresh and green notes based on selected cucumbers grown in West Java. It also adds a freshly picked cucumber aroma. Using Doce™ Cucumber Syrup gives freshness to cocktails. It works well with citrusy beverages like lemon and soda water.


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